Sigma 18-125mm f/3.5-5.6

Focusing distance: 50cm / 19.7in
Magnification: 0.19x
Filter size: 62mm
Lens size: ø70mm x 83mm / ø27.6in x 32.7in
Weight: 405g / 14.3oz
Construction: 15 elements in 14 groups
Accessories: Hood

Eddie's take on it

One of the oldest Sigma lenses for 4/3, I don't have this one personally and there's not a lot of info online on how it compares with the newer 4/3 lenses. It is an APS-C lens, so the focal length is kind of weird, as it comes out as 36-250mm equiv. Generally speaking, Sigma zooms of this era did not have a good reputation, but if you need these focal lengths and you can find a good copy cheap, I'd try it out.