Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro

Focusing distance: 38cm / 15in
Magnification: 1.0x
Filter size: 72mm
Lens size: ø79.6mm x 142.4mm / ø31.3in x 56.1in
Weight: 920g / 32.5oz
Construction: 16 elements in 12 groups
Accessories: Detachable tripod adapter, Hood, Case

Eddie's take on it

Sigma's 4/3 lenses are all adapted from their larger sensor full frame and APS-C versions, from an era when Sigma wasn't the manufacturer it is today. Back then, you could expect their lenses to have a mishmash of problems, be soft wide open, have back/front focus, slow autofocus, sample variation, etc.

Well, not this one. As far as Sigma lenses for 4/3 go, this is their best one. Sharp, reasonable autofocus with focus limiting switches. The working distance for macro shots is fantastic, but depth of field at f/2.8 is, of course, very shallow. Overall, this lens is a winner.

If you want to use this on m4/3, make sure you have a camera with PDAF (such as the E-M1/OM-1 series). It will not autofocus on CDAF only cameras.

This lens can already be considered a collectable and it doesn't appear on ebay very often. In fact, you can be left waiting for months for a copy to pop up, so, notable alternatives are the Sigma 105mm macro and the Olympus 50mm macro.