Panasonic 25mm f/1.4

Focusing distance: 38cm / 15in
Magnification: 0.09x
Filter size: 62mm
Lens size: ø77.7mm x mm / ø30.6in x 0in
Weight: 510g / 18oz
Construction: 10 elements in 9groups
Accessories: Lens Cap, Lens Hood, Lens Rear Cap, Lens Storage Bag


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Eddie's take on it

Out of all the normal focal length primes, this is the best prime lens for 4/3.

Sharp wide open at f/1.4.

In 2007, when this lens came out, manufacturers were selling their old film era 50mm "normal" lenses for digital cameras. These had sub-par results, they were not sharp wide open to the point where you wouldn't even use them wide open. BUT they were small and cheap. So when Panasonic introduced this $899 50mm-equivalent lens weighing half a kilo, it was not well received.

Those who bought it, loved it, but not a lot did and it has already become a bit of a collectable. It is pretty hard to find used for a reasonable price.