Olympus 90-250mm f/2.8

Focusing distance: 250cm / 98.4in
Magnification: 0.08x
Filter size: 105mm
Lens size: ø124mm x 276mm / ø48.8in x 108.7in
Weight: 3270g / 115.3oz
Construction: 17 elements in 12 groups
Accessories: Tripod adapter (built-in), Hood, Case


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Eddie's take on it

The absolute best telephoto zoom lens for Four Thirds.

It cost $6000 when new, and it still costs a fair bit of money, I bought mine for $1500. While this may seem like massive amount of depreciation, its actually right on par with long telephotos of this era from other manufacturers. You may be able to score a good deal, but a lot of these are now in collectors hands, so its becoming harder to find. Given its price, you are probably here wondering how it works on a m4/3 camera.

I had it for around a year and I used it on an Olympus E-M1 mk II. It is large and heavy like no native m4/3 lens. Images at f/2.8 are fantastic. Autofocus is not on par with modern expectations, but at the same time not bad. Ultimately, I found it to be too large and too heavy to carry around, and I found its max 250mm range to be quite limited. You can attach teleconverters to it, but the results with the EC-20 2x were sub-par. It rarely left my house.

As a collector's object, it is an incredible piece of engineering that will always be desirable. For serious work, I would opt for a native m4/3 option. For dabbling into Four Thirds, go for the Olympus 50-200mm SWD, which is a fraction of the price. That said, if you need precisely this zoom range and you need the fast aperture, there isn't anything like it.

This lens is already a collectable.

E-M1 mk II + 90-250mm