Olympus 35-100mm f/2

Focusing distance: 140cm / 55.1in
Magnification: 0.09x
Filter size: 77mm
Lens size: ø96.5mm x 213.5mm / ø38in x 84.1in
Weight: 1650g / 58.2oz
Construction: elements in 18 groups
Accessories: Detachable tripod adapter, Hood, Case


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Eddie's take on it

One of Olympus' SHG grade lenses, this is an optical wonder. Sharp from f/2.0, and when mounted on a latest m4/3 camera, it still beats virtually any other zoom lens at these focal lengths, and even basically all but the most expensive primes.

But it is large. And it is heavy.

If you are shooting m4/3 professionally, there are other options. For hobbyist / enthusiast type of shooting, it simply ended up being too large and heavy to lug around. I owned this lens for a total of 1 year, and there are zero pictures to show for.

An incredible piece of optical over-engineering, superb build quality, one of Olympus' Super High Grade lenses, this lens is definitely already a collectable. They show up on ebay less and less, and they have massively lost value. So while it is still one of Four Thirds' most expensive lenses, it can be picked up for a fraction of original cost.