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2009 Spring Concert Tour -- Day 10

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by , 04-29-2009 at 07:31 AM (8567 Views)
Well, I have found that it is difficult for me to keep up on a blog while traveling. The extra hour or so each night just didn't seem to be available the last several days (it doesn't help that I am not a night owl - I like to be asleep by midnight). So I will quickly catch you up on what has been happening since the last post.

Friday: We traveled from Lubbock to Waco, TX. That evening we enjoyed a concert by one of our favorite Southern Gospels artists, Jeff and Sheri Easter. The concert lasted 3 1/2 hours, and then it was on to IHOP for a bedtime snack!

Saturday: We went to Stillwater, OK to visit our niece, her husband (whom we hadn't met), and their 7 week old daughter. We had a great visit with them, and the rolling hills in NE Oklahoma are very nice.

Sunday: We had a concert to do in the morning, at Jubilee Worship Center in Cushing, OK. We always enjoy ministering in song, and this time was no exception. After the concert we traveled on to Harrison, AR.

Monday: We traveled to Poplar Bluff, MO, staying just ahead of a major storm front. So while we were in some rain storms they were minor compared to what was following us. And we did find several antique stores along the way to sit out the worst of the rain storms!

Tuesday (Day 10): We made our way to Elizabethtown, KY - with a stop in Paducah, KY where we lived for three years during the late 1980's. We stopped by and took photos of our old house, and just generally enjoyed the peace and quiet of the countryside. A very relaxing day.

I'll try to keep up on things from now on, but no promises!


P1 - Our niece, Leslie, with her husband Eric and their baby, Katie Ann.

P2 - Bridges over the White River in Arkansas. I wonder what kind of traffic signal they have at the intersection?

P3 - The confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, as seen from Wickliffe, KY. The Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River under the bridge in the background (the Mississippi River is coming around the point of land on the left side of the photo). This wasn't the shot I wanted, but there is so much floodplain in this area that I couldn't get any closer to the two bridges, which is what I really wanted to get.

P4 - A towboat, in the Mississippi River, getting some repair work done.

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